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Every change starts with yourself. There is never a good moment and we all know that procrastination is the thief of our time.
Sales has never been so important as today with the Covid situation, so move the needle, reach out and let us support your team to break out and sell.

Do you want to grow revenues today? Call me at +31 (0)6.523.50.454

While many start-up and scale-up leadership teams have in-depth experience of technology, product development and building teams, most of them lack in-depth sales expertise. But, it is the sales execution that makes or breaks your revenue predictions. However low effort is spend to optimize the core sales & marketing execution process.

Christophe is still very much involved in selling technology to corporates, as the Sales Director (Ad Interim) in a selected few start-ups and scale-ups. Instead of getting coached by a generic sales trainer with limited Saas, Paas or Artificial Intelligence sales background, you might want to master your sales skills by an expert who is actually carrying a quota and still selling.

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