Covid-19: How to sell technology in tough times?

Covid-19 has an impact on all of us. While you read this, be aware that you are also a buyer (private) and a seller. We buy and sell stuff. You can imagine we all have a stronger sense of fear today, we feel more uncertain and we therefore are more risk averse. Similar for our prospects and customers. And the good news is that a lot of technology is still being sold today. Most of the US tech companies performed above expectations in Q2 2020 so good news and a confirmation there are still buyers out there! Software is eating the world.

Cash Is King

Budgets are frozen, or limited. We are all more concerned about our cashflow position. Not surprisingly also our prospects. To move your offering on the priority list of the decision makers, you need to strenghten your offering so prospects can still buy and start using your solution this year. Think in small steps.

Short ROI

Cash is king today. Even more important to sell value and engage with your prospect how your solution can add concrete value, this year. Learn how to build business cases by focusing on short term benefits, and by creating a win-win mindset.

Why Now?

All technology investments are currently challenged by the budget approval board. Why should we invest now and not next year? Make sure to train your team to sell the ''Why Now?'' value approach.

ScaleUpSales joint the ReStartup initiative

To support the Dutch Start-Ups in these difficult Corona times, ScaleUpSales joint the ReStartUp program of the Dutch Start-Up Association, offering sales advise and coaching to help teams to sell in tough times.

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