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How to sell Artificial Intelligence?

Christophe is one of the few sales people who has an understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and how to sell it. His passion for AI is based on three core believes:

  1. The first has everything to do with leapfrogging. It’s commonly accepted that AI is going to completely disrupt and rewrite many industries in the world. It’s not just about an upgrade, or “making a business more digital”, it’s a 360° turn. The automated frictionless intelligence behind AI will boost the art of decision making to the highest level.

  2. Pollution is terrible, the environment is a real issue, city logistics is expensive, there are food quality problems everywhere, overpopulation, greying demographics. This is not the type of problems that you can solve with man power only. You need technology, the really powerful and smart type, to set these kinds of situations straight.

  3. AI is here already and we can make AI that sells, so not the ‘cool’ science fiction-like research projects but voice assistants, retail store out-of-stock recognition, facial recognition and many more.

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