Create more structure in your sales process

The quickest win for any company is to audit and improve your daily sales execution. Even with the best sales strategy and gotomarket plans, your revenues will not take off if your salespeople are not doing the right things. Why spend money on marketing if sales is not following up effectively and is not coached to have discovery calls or do proper qualifications?

Clarity on team roles, responsibility and accountability is the starting point for any effective sales & marketing strategy. How does your sales engagement process look like? Do you have a flow chart of your incoming and outgoing sales process? Are you salespeople still selling features or value? Why should prospects buy now from you? Is your process aligned with the changing buyer journey?

4 Sales Pitfalls

All sales teams, like all sports teams, need to practice and being coached weekly. Most salespeople execute on gut feeling, engage on their own learnings and are not aware of ineffective habits. Especially when selling in the current Covid-19 situation there is no room for errors. Budgets are limited or frozen, so your sales team should be selling value, urgency and be talking to senior executives. This is where Christophe steps in as an experienced senior software sales coach and adds instant value.

1. No Urgency, No Deal
One of the key reasons why deals are not closed is that you did not sell urgency and enough business value. We can learn your team how to create urgency already early on in the sales process so closing deals becomes easy.

2. 86% struggle to sell value

Many books and training courses are written about selling value but reality is that most salespeople still push features and struggle to co-develop a strong business case with your potential buyer.

3. Talking to the wrong people
While most teams have defined their ideal persona, reality shows that most salespeople struggle to connect with them, especially with business executives. Another reason why deals got lost and your peers win them.

4. Too many emails

Sales reps find sending emails more comfortable than having discovery calls. But you cannot qualify a prospect by sending emails. Change the Mindset!

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